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photoblog image "...Orang Asli: Bateq..."

*Shot on Canon, mounted with 50mm

... The Orang Asli aredivided into 19 various tribes and sub-tribes. The major groups are Negrito, Sengoi and Proto-Malay;

i) the Negrito are small in stature, with dark skin and woolly hair. Negrito tribes are; Kensiu, Kintak, Lanoh, Jahai, Mendriq and Bateq.

ii) the Sengoi are larger in stature and are less dark than the Negrito with wavy hair as well. Senoi tribes are; Temiar, Semai, Che Wong, Jahut, Semoq Beri and Mah Meri,

iii) the Proto-Malay group are similar in appearance to the Malays but are of diverse origins. Proto-Malay tribes are; Jakun, Temuan / Balandas, Semelai, Temoq, Orang Kanaq, Orang Laut and Selitar.

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