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photoblog image "...Juleeya Mika on Film..."

Personal Reference Note:
Set-up: Shot on NIKON mounted with 24mm, with Soft-1 Filter
Lightings: 1 x Continous Flourescent (Kino Flo, T-12 5500K) with Green Gel
Setting: 1/60 @ f3.5
Film: TMax400, rated @ 320

** Self Developing Process:
- HC110 (Ratio B) for 7min; agitate at Start & End
- 1st rinse-off for 4mins
- "Fixed" for 5mins
- Final rinse-off for 4mins
Other: Negative scanned with WOW scanner (a cheap local product)

The developing times and temps works for ME alone; and are still experimenting with the process! You have to experiment to fine tune YOUR OWN times and temps, to suits your preference.



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